Why should you or shouldn’t avoid Toxic Family Members Out of Your Life?

At some point in our life we think should I just avoid him/her/them or should I continue the things as it is. It’s a mythical, genetical bond blah! blah! with my family member and I shouldn’t break it.
However, I feel it is ok to maintain a little bit of distance in between so that no more negative vibes could fill the void and let void remain as void.

Why you should:

1. Comparison.
They always compare you with others. Competition is good but pinching someone in the name of comparison isn’t.

2. Judgemental.
Judging someone for each and every action he/she performs is not OK.

3. Throw off Secrets.
You’ve got some secrets and somehow it got liberated. Do you think it will stop somewhere? It will keep on circulating until every member of your family knows about it.

4. They turn their poles from positive to negative and vice-versa.
They show their love and care when you achieve something. The same person lashes out at you, yell and insult you when you fail or when you go through a hard time.

5. They only come to you when they need something.
They reach out to you when they are in trouble. The rest of the time they vanish.

6. Gaslighting.
If your family member continually criticizes you about something then they deny after some time when you and everyone else knows they did, it might not seem that serious. However, this is a form of gaslighting, which is highly emotionally abusive behavior.

Why you shouldn’t:

Here I’ve got only one reason, it gives the power, zeal, and hunger to prove them wrong for the wrong criticism which they give you. Few Constructive criticisms are also shared which is healthy and for that, you should always keep your ears open.

You should love and respect yourself and keep on working on your own-self and try becoming a better human being and a better person from your previous ‘You’.
We are a social being and we have to live in the society. I mean you can make a choice of leaving the society and spending the rest of your life wandering into the wild and cherishing the beauty of nature. But as most of us are not leading to such kind of life. We just have to accept the people as they are. We can’t just neglect or make distance with those who keep on criticizing us ’We just have to hear them all but listen ourselves’.
I believe we know by heart what is good and bad for us.
It’s just that we have forgotten listening to ourselves, by the voices we hear all day long of people who surround us.
So the question should not be that Why you should or shouldn’t avoid Toxic Family Members Out of Your Life?
According to me, the correct question should be
Do you hear you and Do you listen?

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