Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

If you are a beginner and want to learn a programming language in the upcoming year 2019.This article may be very helpful for you. So before start learning any programming language first you must decide what are your goals what you are going to build after you learn these program languages. Setting a goal will help you complete your projects and learning programming languages fun and easy.

I wrote this article considering few major factors which I think is critical to note and consider before you learn any programming languages :-

  • Easy to learn
  • High demand and trending in the market
  • Provides high productivity and value

So now lets get started :

1. Python

Python is one of the most amazing programming language. Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language which is precise and fun to learn. It has its mark almost every where in web application, AI or even in machine learning. Some of the most popular apps, software and websites like Instagram, youtube, quora etc are built on python. It is one the absolute favorites for most programmers and the hot news is it has also put in its mark in data science as well.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a whole lot more than what it was actually designed. This high-level programming language is a lightweight, interpreted or JIT compiled programming language with first-class functions. It is most well-known as the scripting language for Web pages but it has now a whole bunch of vastness spread may it be the mobile application or web application may it be backend or frontend it’s everywhere. Recently it has made its entry in machine learning and AI as well. But be careful there are always new features which get to add on to it. So it becomes quite hard to become good at it when you are just started learning to programme.

3. Java

Java is still one of the dominating programming languages and its authority over a variety of domain is already proven one of them is android. Android is super simple to learn and you can do so many things with the Android application with the recent involvement of firebase and providing ML kit now you can even use machine learning technologies in Android as well especially in Asian countries. Well Java is not only about Android their are lots of frameworks and libraries in Java that you can master and easily get jobs in that like spring, mavens, selenium etc.

4. Swift

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux and z/OS. Swift is designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and the large body of existing Objective-C code written for Apple products. Swift code is safe by design, yet also produces software that runs lightning-fast. The syntaxes are concise yet expressive, iOS products are spread all across the globe. So you can imagine the requirement of this language is never going to disappear till Apple’s product dominate the market especially in countries like Australia and USA.

5. Php

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a web-based language. It is a server-side scripting language designed and used for Web development. It is much more helpful if you know a little bit about HTML and CSS once you have learned that which is very simple and easy to understand you can move on to PHP. It is used for creating heavy websites and is considered to be one of the great web development languages. WordPress is built on PHP is the most popular tool used all across the world to build websites. Various themes in the WordPress is built in PHP. Various freelancing jobs are dominated by PHP and if you become good at it you could earn a lot.

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