Top 10 Must Watch Bollywood Movies

There are a ton of good movies you could watch out whenever you find some free time. Great movies are made all around the world, Bollywood being one of the biggest movie creating industry has given a lot of good movies which I find very difficult to put them all in my top 10 list. After watching lots n lots of movies I have come to my final top 10 movies till date which I think every one of you should watch.

1. Sholay

It is one of the classic Bollywood movies which I think every Bollywood fan would have watched and could proudly acknowledge each and every bit of this movie. All the characters of this movie have become legendary, from Sambha(a small character of villain) to Gabbar(main villain) each one of the characters have acted to perfection. Screenplay, direction, dialogs everything in this movie is just perfect. Legendary actors and actresses have acted in the movie. The storyline is good I think you all should definitely watch this movie. The movie is about friendship, love, revenge and even more. A retired police inspector hires two thieves to catch a bandit and the story revolves around it, how are they going to catch him, whether they are going to catch him or will the bandit escape?

2. Oh My God!

OMG: Oh My God! is a movie which gives you a social message and a varied outlook on religions in India. Religion in India is considered to be very strong, so its a very sensitive topic but the crew members have found the courage to showcase different perspectives in a beautiful and simple manner. Everyone has given their best in the movie.

Hats off to Umesh Shukla, who co-wrote and directed this one-of-a-kind movie.OMG revolves around a shopkeeper who files a case against God because his shop is the only one in the whole city to fall down during an earthquake. He argues that because it was an act of God and insurance companies refuse to pay the claim, God should do so. What happens later on after he files the case and battles religious gurus is what you need to see.

3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

This Bollywood movie captures the young generation telling them to follow their passion. Some of you could also relate to this movie you could see your friends in the movie, you will relive the journey you have traveled with your friends. Some of you will remember your own love stories. The story goes by when three best friends go for a trek to Manali, one of their old batchmates also join them. what happens trip and on that trip is the story worth watching. If not for anything else, YJHD is a must watch for its scenic locales and foot tapping music which inspires you to pack your bags and just travel!

4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Aah! It one of those evergreen love story which has made all charters in movie alive and cheerful. Its a love triangle story with one after the other twists and turn which doesn’t bore you. Romantic scenes and the dialogues in the movie is what I think has made this movie such a big hit. People haven’t forgotten it and whenever a romantic movie is searched for this movie comes out of the box.

5. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

As the name itself suggests – You should live each and every moment in such a way that it’s not coming back, ‘ living in the moment’ is the main motto of the movie. The three had planned to do an adventure trip when they were young and now when they all are well settled in their life and one of their friends is about to get married, they decide its now or never. So they go on that adventure trip, what ups and downs come in that trip and secrets of their lives is also revealed to each other while they are on that trip, this movie captures all of it.

6. Iqbal

Succumbing to our own incapabilities is the greatest defeat which one can have in their lives and there is no bigger victory than overcoming them. This overwhelming tale of unbelievable self-belief and willpower of young lad who just loves cricket and wants to play for the country, how he fights against all odds reminds us that our real inspiration lies within us, and we should harness it and work hard to achieve all our goals. New possibilities open up if we truly want it and work hard for it.

7. Lakshya

An aimless college going boy who is careless about his career and is confused about what he will be doing in future with his life, a phase everyone goes through. He does whatever his friends do. He joins an Indian Army thinking his friend will also be joining him, he also writes the exam and clears it. However, his friend doesn’t join him and he fights with his parents to get into the Indian Armed Force what happens after that, is the movie all about. It’s a good inspirational movie.

8. Force

I feel it is one of the best action thriller movies of Bollywood. The story jingles with the fight actions. Both hero and villain in this movies is a good competition, the songs are also nice and you won’t find the songs interrupting the story, they are all well placed. ACP Yashvardhan of the Narcotics Control Bureau and his team successfully kill a drug dealer, Vasu. But Vasu’s vengeful brother Vishnu, a dreaded gangster, vows to destroy ACP’s life and tussle goes on between ACP Yashvardhan and Vishnu who wins the battle and how for that you should watch the movie.

9. 3Idiots

This movie shows the flaw in our Indian education system how everyone just focuses on getting grades and earn money none of really understands the power of true learning. The movie adds a lot of humor to showcase all of it and also various other beliefs. It also shows that you must follow up your passion if you want to be successful and happy in your life. In college, Farhan and Raju form a great bond with Rancho due to his different and refreshing way of looking into life. What happens in the college and years later, a bet gives them a chance to look for their long-lost friend Rancho who has been elusive after college.

10. Wake Up Sid

This movie inspires to be grateful for what you have and be conscious of your circumstances and tackle all your problems with bravery. Be a little serious in your life don’t just party always, have some self-respect and also respect others. Siddharth Mehra, a spoilt and selfish college student, learns the meaning of life and the importance of responsibility from Aisha, an aspiring writer who comes to Mumbai to become a writer and make an identity of her own.

Even though some nice movies couldn’t find space in my top 10 list. I hope you all must watch all these movies and give your precious suggestion whether you all like it or not.

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