Thanksgiving, Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Online holiday shopping arrives with Thanksgiving day which is on 22nd November and after that comes Black Friday on 23rd November and later on 26th It’s Cyber Monday. It is considered to be the best shopping event of the year, starts with Thanksgiving day and culminating on Cyber Monday. It provides best deals and offers for consumers and also sellers sell most of their products to their customers.


Thanksgiving Day is basically a national holiday in the United States but some of the countries also considered it as a  holiday like Canada some parts of Caribbean Islands Libra. It is celebrated in the last week of November on Thursday. People meet up on this day with their family and friends and enjoy themselves. They do not work on this day and party all day long. It began as a day giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the good food which they have been provided and the same for the preceding years.

Black Friday

Just after Thanksgiving Day comes the Black Friday which is on Friday.   on this day people get heavy discounts on various product and great deals in a lot of items there is a huge rush in market stores all over the places. It is different from normal sales as people get offers as never before in this year, the discounts and coupons are a lot higher than the normal days. All of this attract both the seller and the customer to invest more on this day. Black Friday is a shopping day how many reasons first of all it is the first day after the last major holiday before Christmas,  so it makes and an official beginning for the Christmas shopping and the second reason is it’s a holiday weekend after Thanksgiving Day.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday come after Black Friday,  it is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Like Black Friday  it also offers great discounts deals and coupons for the customers but in online stores.  After the evolution of internet  and the various online stores opening up and selling their products  Cyber Monday was encouraged by retailers to shop online.

This offline and online celebration of shopping is now celebrated all across the world. It is found that it is great deal for both sellers and buyers to sell and buy the products which they want. It is encouraged even more because of the reach which the new age technology gives. Sitting in different localities and buying product from there, with such a heavy discount and also it is just before Christmas and the new year celebration and everybody wants to have new products and gifts for their friends and families or even for their own.

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