How Should You Celebrate A Pollution Free Dewali ??????

The festival of lights ‘Diwali’ also known as ‘Depawali’ it’s the victory of light over darkness. When we hear of the word Diwali celebrations, lights, sweets, gifts, family, and friends is what we think of, it brings a sense of happiness in everyone’s face. Crackers and many other fireworks have been part of Diwali for many years but now with the growth in pollution and global warming people are becoming aware of the harm they cause to nature. It’s our duty and sole responsibility to protect our environment.

Several steps are taken by the government and many other civil society groups are coming together all over the country to campaign for a green Diwali and how to celebrate Diwali that is pollution free. Its the battle against the crackers and other fireworks which contaminates the air with harmful gases and also the noise pollution caused by it. It not only affects the nature but also other animals get disturbed and harmed because of it. Here are few green Diwali ideas which will help you to go pollution free festival of lights and some of it you could use in other celebrations as well, do celebrate without crackers.

So, here are 10 ways to celebrate a noiseless, pollution free and joyful Diwali.

1. Instead of polluting the environment, you can eschew the firecrackers and celebrate a really “Green Diwali”. It can be an eco-friendly affair this year. Don’t use electric lights. Instead, go for small earthen lamps and candles. It would reduce electricity consumption. Go for LED lights if there is has to be electric illumination (they use 80% less energy than regular lights) to celebrate pollution-free Diwali.

2. Eschew commercial sweets; they have too much artificial color and sugar. Make homemade sweets of your own there are lots of tutorials to help you available online such as Ladoos, Pedas, Barfi etc using natural items such as milk, jaggery, dry-fruits etc. Your homemade sweets will have nutritions and will be unadulterated and also lots of love in it.

3. Although crackers are banned in Delhi, people in other places could go for eco-friendly Diwali and learn to pollute less.

4. Use fresh flowers like roses and lilies for decoration and create a festive and lovable ambiance in place of gaudy streamers and electric lights.

5. Use natural paints for your homes to celebrate pollution-free Diwali.

6. Use organic incense sticks to create a natural and pleasant surrounding in your home.

7. Create rangoli with natural colors such as rice powder (white), pulses and turmeric (yellow), cardamom or fennel(green) etc rather than chemical colors.

8. Don’t buy wrapping paper or plastics for packing gifts instead use painted newspaper, pieces of cloth bags etc.

9. Go paper free cards, create a card online or edit a photo of your loved ones or a video too may work wonders with the increasing growth of social media, you could share your card or video to various social media platform and wish them a very happy Diwali.

10. Invite all your friends and relatives to your home and celebrate. Spread awareness regarding pollution and make an eco-friendly happy Diwali.

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