Are you born talented?

This one is an intimidating question which one has for himself and for others too. There’s a lot which you hear and think of when you listen to the word ‘talent’. People mostly describe someone as having ‘natural talent’ or as having been ‘born talented’, maybe you are the person being described as born talented.

But what exactly do they mean when they say you are born talented? And is talent something we are actually born with, or something that we could develop over a period of time?

This article is all about talent, discussing the in’s and out’s of talent. So what’s according to you is talent, well talent comes in all shapes and sizes; Everyone has got some talent or the other, but what is it about these ‘talents’ and why everyone has got different talent? If you think about all of the talented people you know and carefully observe them you will notice one thing in common among all of them, that is all of them love what they do and make their work look so damn easy.

Talent is nothing but a natural aptitude or skill which gives someone an added advantage or an edge in a particular field or work over others to do it in a much faster or better way. But are they born talented, no of course not, no really plays soccer or dances astonishingly well soon after they are born, Do they?  But they are naturally inclined towards a particular thing which they tend master in a short period of time while they are young through persistence and a huge amount of interest in it.

While you are young you have very fewer thoughts and memories so you tend to learn or grasp any skill whichever interests you more and you will be able to master it in a less amount of time, if you put your mind and soul in the work. A little bit of good genetics will also add to your talent in boosting it even more. Although it is less of a factor in addition to your talent, even 1% of it could make a huge difference.

You may find that you are naturally good at some things, maybe even a lot of things. But without the passion and persistence, it is of no good.

Talent is all about having both skill and persistence to do something even if you fail a few of the times. Passion and persistence is the bridge between good and great. Talent is just like a cherry on the top of it.

Hardwork , Smartwork and Persistance are what one should focus on and should persevere and inculcate in their characteristics to achieve great goals in their life. Hard work and persistence can beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard. So be wise and work hard everyone has got some or the other talent but it’s not about you have got it is about what you make of what you have got, make it count if you think you got any talent .


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