5 Reason Why You Should Play Sports?

With the increasing concern of healthy in society, blame goes on to this unmitigated phenomenon of decreasing physical activities among us. Increasing development in the field of science and technology people are getting dependent on it as it has made our life easy and more convenient we don’t really want to do any physical activity.

Playing sports in childhood helps in the overall development of kids but I think it’s not just kids who should play sports. All of you should also play sports, people of all age group should get involved in some of the other sports activities. Here are what I believe why you all should play sports.

1. You learn to be a team.

After being so self-driven and self-centric for so many years you once again realize the importance of being in a team and contributing your share of skill to make your team a winner. “There’s no I in team” and you realize this once again after you have played few games with your teammates you learn that you can not win a game or be successful without the input of every member on your team. You are working towards the same goal, together. You win together, and you lose together, but there is no greater feeling than looking around at your teammates and realizing that you are a part of something.

2. You make best friends.

The friends you make on a sports team are friends you can always count on. Yes, there will be that person (few of them) that is hard to get along with but for the most part, your friends on your team become part of your family. You see them regularly, when you start mingling with them, not just for sports but also participating with them in other activities of each other’s life. You become close through everything you do together. You start trusting them and relying on them not only during your games but outside of the games as well. You know these friends will pick you up when you need encouragement and will congratulate you and cheer for you when you succeed and you will do the same for them. The friends you make on a sports team are a special type of friend, and that’s something I believe everyone should have in their life.

3. Overcome Challenges.

There will be a point in your sports career whether it’s cricket, basketball, baseball, football or whatever it is, where you reach a standstill. You feel like you just can’t quite get a new skill right or you are making errors where you never used to before. While it can be disheartening, being on a sports team teaches you how to work through your challenges. It teaches you to not give up when it starts becoming a little difficult but instead, your teammates fuel your fire to work through it. I ain’t saying that you will become the master of the game but you will improve from yesterday if you show some dedication, persistence and some smart work – I think that is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned.

4. Relive Your Childhood.

You once again get a chance to relive those childhood moments of yours when you used to play sports with your friends. But this time you create some new cherishable beautiful memories in the playground, having those adrenaline rush when you are in the game and in that moment is the most beautiful feeling which you get. You once again become a kid and want to win for your team and yourself.

5. It’s fun!

Last but not least, it’s gonna be fun! You will enjoy the happy treasure moments in the game. There is never a dull moment that goes by on a sports team. Whether you are laughing with your teammates or playing an exciting game, at the end of the day you can look back and smile because you had a great time. You will lose all your worries while you play and refresh your mind with enthusiasm in other aspects of your life. The experiences you have while playing on sports teams is unforgettable and is surely a fun way to spend your precious time and staying fit at the same time.

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